Playing by the Rules

Arnold Palmer

When exactly is a ball considered "lost"? When is a "drop" allowed? How does one define "slow play"? These are just a few of the common -- and not-so-common -- questions answered by golfing legend Arnold Palmer in this comprehensive illustrated guide to the rules of the game. Despite the fact that golf has fewer rules than sports like baseball or football, it is a contest of honor, and all players, from tour professionals to weekend hackers, respect the rules. But, as Palmer points out, sometimes the rules are a little confusing -- and from time to time, even the pros are puzzled. Here, in easy-to-follow language, one of golf's greats explains exactly what every golfer should know about the way the game should be played. Also included are anecdotes Palmer has culled from his own career, as well as the infamous moments in golf history that have helped define and test each rule. If you're one of the millions of avid golfers who take to the links every year, need a clear explanation of all the rules of the game you love, and don't want to be left speechless when an argument over the "coefficient of restitution" pops up, then Playing by the Rules is an invaluable guide you'll refer to time and again.


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